What is ART?
Active Release Therapy, or A.R.T, is a form of soft tissue technique that targets active and passive tissues for treatment purposes. Active tissues are considered as your muscles and passive tissues including your tendons and ligaments. The principal behind performing the ART technique is identifying the injured soft tissue and individualizing it from the rest. The soft tissue is then taken to a shortened position. The practitioner applies a tension against the direction of the fibers of the tissue and then lengthens the tissue whilst continuing to maintain the pressure. The idea behind this specific technique is you are working against any adhesions in the soft tissue the practitioner may palpate. This application of pressure can also help bring blood flow to injured tissues, which will help promote the healing process of an injured tissue.

When do we use ART for treatment?
An example of when to use ART for treatment would be upon the occurrence of tight muscles in the hamstring, say after a run called the ‘Pub to Pub’, which is about 15km. The muscular fibers have been overexerted and fatigued and have developed adhesions in them. ART would target the adhesions in the hamstring and work to remove them and loosen up the tissue to help it return to its functioning state.

That kind of sounds like a massage – how is it different?
ART is different from general massage because it targets specific muscles, superficial or deep, and takes the tissue through its active/passive range. Massage works more globally within the soft tissues.

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This article is written by Dr. Braeden Melmer, Chiropractor – Neurohealth Chiropractic