In today’s society we are bombarded with images through social media of what ideal fitness should be and should look like. And if I were to ask you what was the first image to pop in your head when thinking of ideal fitness I bet I could tell you exactly what you were thinking. Would the description bronzed, ripped and posed fit the general image you had in your mind?

Fitness today is focused more on the superficial aspect then the core aspect of why we need to exercise and train. Many gyms advertise such statements like “ It’s almost summer time, so time to get your summer body ready” or “ Shred weight to fit your perfect wedding dress”. Although losing weight is important, these quick fix weight loss programs don’t really address what our body needs to establish optimal health.

How we should be delivering fitness is by building a foundation for longevity. As health practitioners we must explain that one day we all get old, and we need to develop the building blocks to set us up for the future. It is about maintaining mobility and strength into our later lives not how fast we can shed 10 kilograms. However, this doesn’t mean that if you are in the geriatric population that it is too late to improve your fitness!

Every person has to start somewhere and the idea is to initially identify the deficiencies and movement pattern dysfunctions then correct and build on these. Once this stage has been identified and handled the fitness goals can then progress to the next stage increasing the complexity of the exercise goals.

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This article is written by Dr. Braeden Melmer, Chiropractor – Neurohealth Chiropractic