Golfers & Tennis Elbow

Have you ever experienced pain in your forearm when typing? Lifting a bag? Or twisting a door handle?

You may actually be experiencing a variation of “golfers or tennis” elbow. Yes, contrary to popular belief, you can suffer from these types of injuries without playing these two sports. It is quite […]

Managing Pain and its Long Lasting Effects

Pain. This is a very personal thing. It is complex and an emotional subject. What is extremely painful for one individual, might only be a mild discomfort for another. It is based on your previous life and emotional experiences and also on how well your nervous system is primed or […]

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Acute inflammation – Friend or foe?

We have all heard the term inflammation before, particularly if we have injured ourselves. But what is inflammation? Inflammation is the process which causes pain, swelling, heat and redness around the injured area. So inflammation is what causes pain, great to know, but what is truly the purpose behind the […]

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How To Run And Avoid Those Injuries

I see people everywhere doing it. They do it in parks, on roads, on the beach and even through the bush. We take it for granted and think that we can all do it. Running is one of those exercises we have all done, even if the last time was […]

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