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Massage for Kids

Massage for Children and it’s Benefits

Having practiced various types of massage for 20 years now, I have had many of my client’s children experience the benefits of my massage table. The youngest child I’ve massaged was […]

Have you had your child’s spine checked recently?

It is vitally important for your growing child to have a healthy spine and nervous system. Most time they will not tell you they have a pain or stiffness in their spine. They might exhibit behavioural changes, a lowered immune system, or even just not sleeping well.

Just as you take […]

Back-To-School Tips

Ergonomics: yes ergonomics are just as important for kids as they are at the office. Slumping over a school classroom desk, just like slumping over a work desk, can lead to a lifetime of poor postural habits. Which then in turn will lead to musculoskeletal disorders, spinal joint restrictions (vertebral […]