Toxicity refers to any kind of substance that takes our body away from its natural state of health. It is most commonly a chemical or nutritional stressor of some kind that is damaging to our cells. In our modern society they can, unfortunately, be increasingly easy to come by and if we are exposed to them at a time when we are tired, run down, our immune system is low, or we have been existing on a poor diet, then our body can struggle to detoxify them naturally. If we are exposed to a lot of toxins that can slow down the process too. These toxins can include (but are not limited to);

  • Chemicals
  • Medications
  • Toxic metals
  • Preservatives and artificial food substances
  • Sugar
  • Parasites
  • Fungus

If our body is lacking the ability at the time to remove these toxins from our system, it needs to store them. Now our body is very clever, and knows that these kinds of toxins – especially metals and chemicals- are harmful to our bodies, and so it provides a natural buffer- FAT CELLS!! If your body is under too much stress load to detoxify properly, it becomes very difficult to lose weight because our body is using that weight to store the toxins and prevent them from being leaked into our bloodstream. This makes seeing the results of your exercise just that bit harder again! Given that keeping our important resolutions is harder than we thought as life kicks back in when the years gets started, we certainly don’t need any more obstacles!

Having toxins stored in your system means your body is battling a constant invasion everyday. So not only can your waistline suffer, but you may find your energy, your thyroid function, your digestion, your motivation, your skin, your allergies, and your immune system (just to name a few!) may be suffering too. How often is one of our biggest excuses not to exercise that we are too tired or not motivated?

If you suspect that your body may be harbouring some toxins, it’s as easy as a quick muscle test at Neurohealth to find out. Detoxifying can be as simple as providing your body with a vitamin or mineral you may be deficient in, or using a supplement or homeopathic specifically chosen for your kind of toxicity. Either way, the results on your weight loss can be well worth the effort of finding out!