Foot Levelers is a company that has been manufacturing custom made orthotics called Spinal Pelvic Stabilizers for over 55 years. Our Associate Platinum foot scanner lets us examine your feet and each foot’s three arches. This allows us to show you where you may have issues that could affect the rest of your body, and then recommend Stabilizers made just for you!

Our scanner combines the latest 3D BodyView technology with sound research to provide one of the most effective orthotics on the market. The orthotics are comfortable, gone are the days of the rigid plastic orthotics, and they are the only orthotic designed to support all three arches of the foot.

The feet are the foundation of the entire spinal pelvic structure, so any fallen arch or misalignment in the feet can cause pain (now or later) in the knees, hips, back or neck and even cause them to wear out prematurely.

Foot Levelers