Chiropractic Care with a Difference

Our team combines a wide range of modern, integrated holistic treatment techniques to assist your health on a physical, chemical and emotional level. This allows us to find, and treat, the root cause of imbalances in the body and to facilitate healing – naturally. At Neurohealth we use a variety of treatment and diagnostic tests to assess your health and your anticipated recovery time with us.

We aim to make your experience at Neurohealth comfortable and effective using a variety of adjusting techniques to suit your needs. We use techniques that are suitable for people of all ages – from babies, children, pregnant women, the elderly, office workers and high performance athletes. So you can be confident that whatever your level of mobility, pain or age we can use an effective treatment technique that you feel comfortable with to ensure you feel back to 100%.

At Neurohealth we will go out of our way to ensure your needs are catered for. You should also expect to be treated as a whole person, not just another sore back, neck or shoulder. You can expect a caring and holistic service that starts the moment you enter our doors and goes beyond the care you may have experienced in the past. We aim to assist you in whichever way possible to reach your goals and to create better lives through good health.

We make outstanding, natural healthcare more affordable. Neurohealth believes in ensuring you receive the level of care that meets your needs, and that you are comfortable with.

This allows you to claim your health benefits on the spot. We also have credit card, AMEX and EFTPOS facilities.