Sports Massage is commonly used by athletes to help them prepare for or to recover from performance or training. They help facilitate the muscles to repair the damage done from exercising in such circumstances.

It can also be done to help treat or prevent sporting injuries and overuse syndromes. It can include deep tissue treatment and the use of stretches to facilitate the length in the muscles and the recovery.

Sports Massage can be performed pre-event, post-event, during training and conditioning or as part of the restoration and rehabilitation process. It is designed to increase endurance and performance, minimise the chances of injury and reduce the recovery time of existing injuries. Which means you are all to push the limits if you choose to.

the amount of pressure used alters depending on where the athlete is in their training regime or competition.

A sports massage aims to minimise the inflammation and soreness and enhance recovery.

Walkers, runners, weekend warriors – of all ages – children to elderly – At Neurohealth we can assist you in maximising your mobility and enhancing your performance at your current fitness level.