Sports Chiropractic at Neurohealth

Neurohealth chiropractors are trained in sports chiropractic, which is a conservative approach to the management, rehabilitation and performance optimisation of the neuromusculoskeletal system for athletes in the professional or social sports arenas. It also can help in the multi-disciplinary sports injury environment for injury recovery or prevention.

Whether you’re a Sunday golfer or an elite athlete, our chiropractors can help you prevent injury and improve your biomechanics. Changes in your posture and muscular imbalances can lead to poor neuromuscular motor patterns. If these imbalances begin, they can lead to career-ending injuries with overuse or misuse syndromes and can also inhibit performance or limit the recovery of an injury.

At Neurohealth we use a variety of approaches. These include manipulation, mobilisation, soft tissue releases, rehabilitation, nutritional advice, strapping and bracing to help you get back on the sporting field faster. These approaches can be applied to the injury management in the form of acute, subacute and chronic injury.

Clients of sports chiropractic report that treatment has helped them stay healthy and they can notice benefits in:

  • Better sports performance
  • Improved flexibility and power in their chosen sport
  • Improved posture and the ability to maintain this posture for longer periods

Being able to diagnose and correct underlying joint malfunctions and soft tissue imbalances plays a crucial role in returning an athlete or weekend warrior back to their sport.

Supporting and preventing injuries such as sprains and strains of muscles, tendons and ligaments through the entire healing process is imperative to an athlete. Many joints in our body can start to malfunction and compensate to the increasing demand that is put on them everyday, just in simple tasks like standing, sitting or getting in and out of the car, let alone the demand that we put on these structures when competing in sports.

If there is already a pre-existing condition in these areas, due to unresolved injury or muscle imbalances, the risk of injury increases and the importance of sports chiropractic management becomes essential! Sports chiropractic can help improve your flexibility, movement and muscle control, proprioception and body awareness, hence help your athletic performance. It can also help you to minimise injuries, which in turn will let you be able to train harder and longer.