While pregnant is all too often for expectant mums to suffer from neck, shoulder or lower back pain due to the changes in hormones and the increasing physical load of carrying a baby for 9 months on their body. Pregnancy massages can help you
  • alleviate this tension;
  • reduce pain and muscle aches;
  • minimise leg cramps;
  • help with troubles of getting to sleep and the uncomfortableness of these positions;
  • reduce fluid retention;
  • reduce stress and fatigue;
  • aids in increasing circulation and facilitates relaxation.

Pregnancy massage is available from 12 weeks (2nd trimester) till birth. Our preference is to wait until the first trimester is complete as this is the most common time for miscarriage to occur. Whilst it has not been proven that massage can influence miscarriage and it is highly unlikely it would do so it is often best to limit anything that could possibly affect pregnancy.

Pregnancy massage is performed with the client lying on their side or we have specialised pregnancy pillows which allows for the expectant mum to play on their fronts if possible.
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