Well I have just returned from the recent World Masters Games in Auckland, New Zealand. This event along with other events in this type of category are inspirational and it’s amazing to see what the human spirit can endure. People, with ages ranging from 30 years to a lady from India who was 101 years (competed in the shot put event and 100m sprint) gathered together for that hunger to compete with fellow athletes in their chosen sports.

Yes, they are not as fast and quick as their younger years but seeing the desire to keep moving is just motivational to those of us that are sitting on the couch. These athletes are the epitome of what it is like to age gracefully. They believe movement is key and that when we stop moving is when we end up under the ground.

I had the pleasure of coaching the over 75 team from Australia. Their ages ranged from 75 to the oldest basketball player there at 83 years old. He was quick in the mind and still had the ability to move up and down the court, rebound, pass and even make a few baskets. Their competitive drive is still there no matter how old they are. They refused to give in which was evident in the gold medal game of the 75+ men, where they were down by 9 points at halftime to the Russians, to claw back the game, and tie it with minutes remaining. Unfortunately, the Russians hit a lucky basket with 30 seconds left, which lead the Australians to have a shot on the buzzer which just rimmed away from the ring and which would have sent the game into overtime. Overall an entertaining game for men that were over 75 years young.

No matter what age we are, movement is crucial. It keeps the joints lubricated, the muscles strong, produces endorphins for a positive mind-set, the list is endless! Bottom line –  find something that you enjoy doing that involves movement and start now. You must move. If you have problems with the way you move due to stiffness, tightness or pain that might be inhibiting you, talk to the team at Neurohealth to get you back enjoying life and all its wonders.

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This article is written by Dr. Steven Cannon, Chiropractor @ Neurohealth